Chembu thoran

A nice tasty and tangy upperi to be had with rice or porridge (Kanji / Rice gruel). Colocasia root is also known as Taro, Elephant-ear, Taro, Dasheen, Cocoyam, Chembu, and Eddoe in various parts of the globe. It is called Chembu in Malayalam and Arvi/Arbi in Hindi. Chembu Mezhukkupuratti is a popular among South Indian people as a curry or upperi dish where roots are cooked and stir-fried. Chembu added with Moru (curd) makes Chembu moru curry for a spicy and tangy version and is very tasty with hot white rice for meals.


Chembu/Colocasia-500 gm
Dry Red chilly – 5
Shallots (small onion)- 10
Curry leaves-1 string
Salt-to taste
Turmeric powder-pinch
Oil-2 tbsp


Peel and cut the chembu into small pieces.
Cook in a pressure cooker by adding enough water ,salt and turmeric .
1 whistle is enoughCrush chilly and onion .
Heat oil in a pan .
Add these chilly onion mix.
Add curry leaves too and saute till the raw smell goes .
Now add the cooked chembu into this and mix well with care .
Don`t mash them .
Simmer the flame and let it roast for 5 minutes .
Now the tasty chembu thoran is ready .
It’s great combination with kanji and rice

Raw Chembu / Arvi

Elephant Ear / Chembu Plant

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