Kai pathiri

Kaipathiri is a traditional and authentic food item of Kerala muslims.Its known in a wide range of names like  kaipathiri / nice pathiri /ari pathiri etc. Kaipathiri is usually served along with meat or chicken curries for breakfast, dinner, Iftaar etc. Its an inevitable part of Malabar Muslim cuisine. There are some other variants of pathiri like Erachi pathiri, Orotty, Chatti pathiri etc.


Finest Rice powder      2 cups
Fresh Water                  2 cups
Salt                               to taste
Coconut scrapings      1/2coconut

Small onion(cut
Into small pieces         2 nos


Boil the water with appropriate amount of salt.

Add the rice powder and mix with water.

Mix well with hand add to coconut and small onion while hot to form a dought.

Shape in to balls.

Put each ball and flatten to  large thick round  shapes.

How to cook

Heat the girdle.

Turn the 'Pathiri' for the first time as soon as you place it on the gridle.

Then when it become stiff turn once more.

As it bubbles take it.

Kaipathiri is ready

Serve hot with coconut milk and chicken mulakittath

Tips: Don't use cold water to mix. Cold water will harden the Pathiri.

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