Bread sausage pizza

Bread sausage pizza is an easy to make snack and can be eat at iftar. Break your Ramadan fasting with good calories and less oil. Try this tasty and easy snack recipe.

Onion 1 nos
Noodless 1 small pack
Sausage 100 g
Jalapeno or hot pepper pickle

Cut the sausage in small pieces and add some red chilly and salt..then shallow fry little oil
Step :2
Boil the noodless and add some pepper and salt
Step :3
Take bread and spread tomato sauce.
Step :4
Mix it well Sausage, noodless and onion
Step :5
Keep the mix on the top of the bread
Step :6
Last spread the mozzarella cheese
Step :7
Heat a pan and put the bread inside and close the lid. So that melt the cheese.. Bread sausage
pizza is ready...

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