Thattukada Style Ullivada/ Kerala Style Onion Vada

This is easy to make recipe is made simple ingredients which are all purpose flour(maidha),gram flour etc


1.Onion 1 nos
3.Curry leaves 
4.Green chilly
6.Red chilly powder 
7.All purpose flour (maidha)
8.Gram flour(kadalamavu)


Onion cut in a medium size

Take a bowl

1 to 6 ingredients put into the bowl

Mix well with your hands

Add all purpose flour and gram flour

Mix it well

Heat oil for deep frying in a pan. When the oil becomes hot. Keep the flame to medium.

Dip your hand some water the take some batter in your hand then put in a small hole in your finger at the centre of the batter. Then put the batter in the oil

Begin to fry onion vada on a medium flame.

When one side is light golden then turn over and fry the other side.

Continue to fry till the onion vada turn crisp and golden

Turn over as required  while frying

Now the onion vada/ ulli vada is ready

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