The Benefits of making Your Own Beef Mince

Red meat come with its own taste and Beef is a main dish for celebrations and family parties. Grilled beef dishes are juicy for the cuisines. Let’s fire up those charcoal grills to make tasty beef platter.

Beef Mince
Home made foods helps you knowing what you eat. This trust is the most important factor in being healthy eating.

A better way to do this is grinding or mincing your own beef.

Below you can find few reasons why grinding beef at home is better

It’s Healthier:  you can select hormone-free, or fresh organic, grass- fed Angus and it just Tastes Better.

Want to mince or grind your own beef for burgers?

Grass fed fresh Beef taste is different than frozen one. Always try to use fresh one which is also healthy.

Quick meat mincing or grinding tips:

  • Always work clean. Clean equipment, clean work surface, clean bowl for the meat to fall into.
  • Freeze your meat for 15 minutes before cutting into cubes. This makes slicing the meat very easy.
  • Freeze the meat grinding attachment, the grinding blade and plate, etc. while you prep everything. Freeze this for at least 30 minutes. Keeping everything cold helps for a better grind.
  • Grind twice. Run your beef through once with the plate with the larger holes before tossing and regrinding.
  • If you know what you are using the meat for, season while you grind.
  • To quickly help clean out the grinder before a thorough washing, use a slice of plain white bread or two to dry up anything and push out all the remaining beef in the grinder.
  • If you don’t have a meat grinder, you can pulse your beef in a food processor to create your own ground meat as well.

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